About AMAE

AMAE’s Mission

To ensure equal access to financial resources for a quality education for Mexican American/Latino students at all levels, validate and affirm cultural and linguistic diversity, advise local/state boards, legislators, administrators, and faculty on educational and financial policy, working partnership with parents and communities for the benefit of our students, retention, support, and development of Mexican American/Latino educators and all others committed to a top quality education in the 21st Century for our students.

AMAE’s History

The Association of Mexican American Educators in the State of California was founded in the early 1960’s as a professional society to address the tremendous problems facing Chicano/Latino students in the educational system.  Born in conflict with existing school systems and modes of instruction, the early efforts of AMAE were directed to remedy the obvious injustices of education for the Mexican American/Latino student.  These efforts were directed toward the elimination of English ­only rules, toward scholarships to encourage students to continue their education through college and university levels, and toward a drive to attract more Chicanos into education and into positions of leadership and influence.  

From its early beginnings in Los Angeles to chapters in Fresno, Sacramento, Madera, San Diego, and throughout the state, AMAE has grown over the past fifty years, through periods of activity and periods of reflection, to include as many as forty chapters.  Chapters are an integral and crucial part of the AMAE statewide network providing local input and resources to the issues which the state addresses. The state organization, in return, provides the collective power and expertise to deal with decisions affecting education throughout the state.
Today, AMAE has earned respect and recognition in educational circles and has the ability to influence and change the history of educational neglect for our communities. We are involved in all aspects of education ­ from migrant education to gifted education, from bilingual education to foreign language instruction, from administration to legislation, and from administration to legislation, and from community to political issues which bear on education. AMAE also recognizes and appreciates the support districts, organizations, and the individuals who have actively addressed these concerns and are working for quality education for our students.

AMAE Benefits of Membership

AMAE membership is composed of dual state and local benefits. Local activities enrich the particular education of Mexican American/Latino students in your area, while state activities work to improve the overall educational opportunities statewide. Whether local or state, AMAE provides you:
    ~A feeling of camaraderie based on common goals, a “familia educativa” in which you are a part throughout the state of California.
     ~A forum for exchange of ideas and opinions on educational issues which affect Mexican American and Latino students.
     ~A network of educational and Latino organizations to inform and support you – newsletters, journals, and information relative to your interests.
     ~Opportunities to develop leadership and organizational skills and contribute to your community.
    ~A voice and vote in educational decisions and the direction of the association.
     ~Reduced fees for the annual conferences.
     ~Invitations to AMAE sponsored activities.

AMAE Accomplisments

AMAE members have served as advocates and resources on boards, advisory groups, and committees in areas affecting the education of Mexican American/Latino students.
     ~AMAE has supported legislation and testified on issues crucial to our students and communities.
     ~AMAE initiated bilingual education efforts and has continuously been involved in the development and promotion of bilingual programs.
     ~AMAE has supported lawsuits in the areas of affirmative action and bilingual education.
     ~AMAE has awarded scholarships on the state and local levels.
     ~AMAE has sponsored an annual statewide conference for the past fifty years, offering expertise and quality workshops for educators throughout California.
     ~AMAE has produced newsletters, journals, position papers, and has published research in areas of education.
     ~AMAE has networked with CTA, NEA, Californian’s Together, Educational Congress, and other community and educational groups in support of mutual goals.
     ~AMAE has promoted various cultural and artistic events.
     ~AMAE initiated and has cosponsored the annual Chicano/Latino Youth Leadership Conference in Sacramento and regional youth leadership conferences statewide.
     ~AMAE initiated legislation for El Dia del Maestro Day of the Teacher in California, and has promoted its observance throughout the state.
     ~AMAE has advocated for students along with other advocacy groups such as Californian’s Together and MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense Fund)  for the fair treatment and research-based “Best Practices” for Latino children in school.