El Fuego Nuevo

Story Behind The Logo

The AMAE logo is “El Fuego Nuevo,” which is interpreted as “The New Fire.” It was designed about three years after the conceptions of the association, according to Frank Armendariz, founder and designer of the logo.
Many centuries ago, in pre–Columbian Mexico, the natives indulged in a special worry every 52 years; end. Basis for this fear was the closing of the astronomical cycle–the Venus calendar — which was called NEMONTEMI, existed between each 52-day cycle which didn’t fit into the calendar’s mathematical calculations. There was no scientific explanation for them, so they were used for prayer, meditation, and general suspense. Everything of ceremonial significance was destroyed. Temples were torn down, and dishes were broken, all in reaction to the uncharted and uncontrolled interval between the Old and New Fires. Following NEMONTEMI, when the world didn’t end, the New Fire was lighted on the volcanoes. The instant it was sighted, other New Fires were kindled throughout the land, welcoming a new era for humankind to use as a platform for a fuller life. It was a time for spiritual renewal, a time to gain greater knowledge and to chart greater deeds.

Today, AMAE proudly celebrates over 50 years of preserving it’s mission to ensure equal access to a quality education for Mexican American/Latino students.

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